The UK
Truffle Dog Championships

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Join us for an exhilarating event as we host the highly anticipated UK Truffle Dog Championships at this year's UK Truffle Festival.

About The Championships

This unique dog competition co-founded by Ben Sweet and Melissa Waddingham, was inspired by the late Marrian Dean, who established the very first truffle dog competition in the UK over 15 years ago.

With categories including Bronze, Silver, and Gold, we welcome participants of all experience levels to compete and showcase their abilities. Our dedicated judges, renowned scent work dog trainers, provide a fun and professional atmosphere where dogs and handlers can demonstrate their teamwork and expertise. Join us for an unforgettable experience and witness the impressive talents of these remarkable truffle-hunting dogs.

Only 45 Competitor Spaces Available!

Additional Info

There are 3 competitor groups this year; Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Each group will have 15 handlers and dogs competing, with a total of 45 competitors taking part in the championships.

After you have purchased your competitor ticket, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire by a member of our team. This questionnaire will help us determine which group level you will be entered into. We will take into consideration your preference however, to be fair to everyone competiting, our head judge will have the final say on this matter. You will also be invited into a private Facebook group for this year's competitors only. This is to help create an element of community spirit as well as sharing with you important information like rules and training tips etc.

Questionnaires will be emailed out to competitors from Monday 31st July, 2023.

We want to encourage anyone to take part this year, whether you have a lot of experience hunting truffles with your dog or you've barely even started. Details about the competition and the rules will be shared to all competitors with advance notice after you have purchased your ticket. Generally speaking however, you will have up to 10 minutes to find truffle "hides" with your dog. The difficulty will depend upon which competition group you're competiting in.

There will be prizes given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings and everyone will receive a certificate for participating (please speak to a team member on the day to receive this if you must leave early). On the day, we will aim for the prize ceremony for all competitions (including the best-in-show) to take place around 3:30-4pm.

Competition Rules

The below is a basic summary of how the competition will be judged. A more comprehensive set of rules and guidelines will be shared with Competitors directly.

Handlers will be given a number of flags before their run to place at the location of hidden truffle baits.

The difficulty will vary based on whether you're competiting in Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Truffle baits will be hidden above and below ground.

You’ll be tasked to find a mixture of truffle oil and real truffle baits.

To maintain the integrity of the arena, dogs are not permitted to dig to indicate. Handlers are encouraged to stop their dog from digging if this behaviour occurs.

Digging will incur penalties, which may include a warning, point deductions or a disqualification.

Toileting in the arena is also prohibited and will incur penalties.

Your run ends when your time runs out or when the handler chooses to retire.

5 points = truffle oil correct find
10 points = real truffle correct find
Minus 5 points = incorrect calls
Minus 5 points = 2nd dig
Minus 5 points = 2nd toileting in search area
1 point per full minute remaining on the clock

In the event of a tie on points:
Step 1 - Dog with least minus points
Step 2 - Fastest dog
Step 3 - Placings will be tied

Placings will be 1st - 3rd.

Our Championship Judges

Steph Roulet
Little Wolf Canine Services

Lead judge for the UKTF Dog Championshps and a dog behaviour and nutrition expert​

Helen Byrne
K9 Scent and Tricks School​​

Accredited Scentwork and Tricks Trainer, Judge and accomplished competitor.

Hannah Greeno
Canine Needs

Judge and dog behaviour expert,
trainer and coach.

Our Championship Sponsor

We are delighted to be sponsored by TruffleHunter for The UK Truffle Dog Championships.

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